John Clare Poems


- The Lifetime Published Poetry





Sonnets are indicated by (S) following the title.  The volume is shown in the square brackets.


Absence [VM1]

Address to a Lark, singing in Winter [PD]

Address to my Father [VM1]

Address to Plenty, in Winter [PD]

Adieu, The [PD]

Adventures of a Grasshopper [RM]

After reading in a Letter proposals for building a Cottage [VM1]

Ant, The (S) [PD]

Antiquity (S) [RM]

Antiquity [SC]

Ants, The (S) [VM2]

Anxiety (S) [PD]

Approach of Spring (S) [PD]

Approach of Spring, The [SC]

April [SC]

Arbour, The (S) [VM2]

Ass, The (S) [RM]

August [SC]

Autumn [VM1]

Autumn (S) [VM2]

Autumn [RM]

Autumn Robin, The [RM]


Backward Spring, The [RM]

Ballad (I dreamed not what it was to woo,) [RM]

Ballad (The spring returns, the pewet screams) [RM]

Ballad (Where is the heart thou once hast won,) [RM]

Ballad—“A weedling wild” [VM1]

Ballad—“I love thee, sweet Mary” [VM1]

Ballad—“When nature’s beauty shone complete” [VM1]

Ballad—“Where the dark ivy” [VM1]

Ballad—“Winter’s gone, the summer breezes” [VM2]

Beans in Blossom (S) [RM]

Boston Church (S) [RM]

  Smiling in Sunshine, as the storm frowns by, (S) [RM]

Boys at Play (S) [RM]

Breath of Morning, The (S) [RM]

Burthorp Oak (S) [RM]


Careless Rambles (S) [RM]

Childhood (S) [VM2]

Childish Recollections [VM2]

Christian Faith (S) [PD]

Contrast of Beauty and Virtue, The [PD]

Copse in Winter, A (S) [VM2]

Country Girl, The [PD, 1st ed.]

Cowper Green [VM1]

Crab-tree, The (S) [RM]

Crazy Nell.—A true Story [PD]

Cress-gatherer, The [VM2]

Cross Roads; or, the Haymaker’s Story, The [VM2]

Crowland Abbey (S) [RM]


Dawnings of Genius [PD]

Day-break (S) [VM2]

Death of Beauty (S) [RM]

Decay (S) [RM]

Decay [RM]

December [SC]

Deity, The (S) [RM]

Description of a Thunder-Storm [VM1]

Disappointment, The [VM1]

Dolly’s Mistake; or, the Ways of the Wake [PD]

Dream, The [SC]


Early Rising [PD]

Early Sorrows (S) [VM2]

Early Spring (S) [VM2]

Earth’s Eternity (S) [RM]

Effusion [VM1]

Effusion to Poesy, An [PD]

Elegy on the Ruins of Pickworth, Rutlandshire [PD]

Emmonsale’s Heath [RM]

Epigram [PD]

Eternity of Nature, The [RM]

Eternity of Time (S) [RM]

Evening [PD]

Evening (S) [PD]

Evening (S) [VM2]

Evening Pastime (S) [RM]

Evening Primrose (S) [RM]

Evening Schoolboys (S) [RM]

Evening Star, The [RM]

Expectation (S) [PD]

Expression (S) [VM2]


Fairy Rings, The  (S) [RM]

Aye, almost Scripture-truths!—My poorer mind (S) [RM]

Falling Leaves [PD]

Fame (S) [RM]

Familiar Epistle, to a Friend [PD]

Fate of Amy.—A Tale, The [PD]

February [SC]

First Love’s Recollections [RM]

First of May.—A Ballad, The [PD]

First Sight of Spring (S) [RM]

Flood, The (S) [RM]

Waves trough—rebound—and furious boil again, (S) [RM]

Forest Flowers (S) [RM]

Fountain, The [PD]

Fountain of Hope, The (S) [RM]

Friend Lubin [PD]


Genius [RM]

Gipsy’s Camp, The [VM1]

Gipsy’s Evening Blaze, The (S) [PD]

Glinton Spire (S) [RM]



Hail-storm in June, 1831, The (S) [RM]

Happiness of Ignorance, The (S) [RM]

Happy Bird, The (S) [RM]

Harvest Morning, The [PD]

Hay-making (S) [RM]

Helpstone [PD]

Helpstone Church-yard (S) [VM2]

Helpstone Green [VM2]

Her I Love [PD]

Hereafter (S) [VM2]

Holywell [VM1]

Home (S) [VM2]

Home Happiness [RM] 

Honesty (S) [RM]

The rich man claims it; but he often buys (S) [RM]

Hope (S) [VM2]


Idle Hour, An (S) [RM]

Impromptu—“Where art thou wandering, little child?” [VM2]

Impulses of Spring [RM]

In Hilly-Wood (S) [VM2]

Insects [RM]

Izaac Walton (S) [RM]


January [SC]

Jockey and Jenny; or, The Progress of Love [SC]

Joys of Youth (S) [VM2]

July [SC]

June [SC]


Lair at Noon, A (S) [VM2]

Langley Bush [VM1]

Last of April, The (S) [VM2]

Last of Autumn, The [SC]

Last of March, The [VM2]

Life  (S) [VM2]

Life, Death, and Eternity [SC]

Look at the Heavens, A [VM1]

Lord Byron (S) [RM]

Love [RM]


Magic of Beauty, The (S) [RM]

March [SC]

Mary Lee [RM]

May  [SC]

May (S) [RM] 

Birds sing and build, and Nature scorns alone (S) [RM]

Princess of Months!—so Nature’s choice ordains, (S) [RM]

Up like a princess starts the merry Morning, (S) [RM]

May-Day [VM1]

May-Noon (S) [VM2]

Memory (S) [RM]

Memory of Love; A Tale, The [SC]

Merit (S) [RM]

Milking Hour, The [RM]

Milking Shed, The (S) [RM]

Milton Abbey (S) [VM2]

Mole, The (S) [RM]

Moon, The (S) [PD]

Morning  (S) [VM2]

Morning Pleasures (S) [RM]

Morning Wind, The (S) [RM]

My last Shilling [PD]

My Love, thou art a Nosegay sweet [PD]

My Love’s like a Lily [PD]

My Mary [PD]


Narrative Verses [VM2]

Native Scenes (S) [PD]

Native Scenes (S) [VM2]

Nature (S) [VM2]

Nature’s Hymn to the Deity [RM]

Night (S) [VM2]

Nightingale’s Nest, The [RM]

Noon [PD]

Noon (S) [VM2]

Nothingness of Life (S) [RM]

November [SC]

November (S) [RM]

Nutting [RM]

Nutting (S) [RM]


October [SC]

Old Poesy (S) [RM]

Old Willow, The (S) [RM]

On a lost Greyhound lying on the Snow [PD]

On an Infant Killed by Lightning [RM]

On an Infant’s Grave [PD]

On Beauty [PD]

On Cruelty [PD]

On Death (S) [VM2]

On hearing a Lady play on the musical Glasses (S) [VM2]

On Leaving the Cottage of My Birth [RM]

On May Morning [RM]

On seeing a Picture of sacred Contemplation (S) [VM2]

On Seeing a Skull on Cowper Green [RM]

On Taste (S) [VM2]

On the Death of a beautiful young Lady [PD]

On the Sight of Spring [VM1]

On Youth [PD]



Pastoral, A —“Surely, Lucy, love returns” [VM1]

Pastoral Fancies [RM]

Pasture, The [RM]

Patty [PD]

Patty of the Vale [PD]

Peace  (S) [VM2]

Pettichap’s Nest, The [RM]

Pleasant Place, A (S) [RM]

Pleasant Places (S) [RM]

Pleasures Past (S) [VM2]

Poesy [SC]

Poet’s Wish, The [PD]

Poverty  (S) [VM2]

Primrose, The (S) [PD]


Quiet Mind, The [RM]


Recollections after a Ramble [VM1]

Recollections after an evening Walk [VM2]

Reflection in Autumn, A [PD]

Request, The [VM1]

Rivals; A Pastoral, The [SC]

River Gwash, The (S) [PD]

Robin, The [PD]

Rosy Jane [VM2]

Round-oak Spring (S) [RM]

Rural Evening [VM2]

Rural Morning [VM2]

Rural Scenes (S) [RM]

Rustic Fishing [VM2]


Sabbath Walks (S) [VM2]

Sad was the Day [PD]

Scene, A (S) [PD]

Sedge-Bird’s Nest (S) [RM]

September [SC]

Setting Sun, The (S) [PD]

Shadows (S) [RM]

Shepherd Boy, The (S) [RM]

Shepherd’s Hut (S) [RM]

             Those rude old tales!—man’s memory augurs ill, (S) [RM]

Shepherd’s Song, The [RM]

Shepherd’s Tree, The (S) [RM]

Sigh, A —“Again freckled cowslips” [VM1]

Sigh in a Play-ground, A [VM2]

Skylark, The [RM]

Slander (S) [RM]

It feeds on falsehood, and on clamour lives; (S) [RM]

Snowdrop, The (S) [VM2]

Solitude [VM1]

Song of Praise [VM2]

Song  (O the voice of woman’s love!) [RM]

Song—“A beautiful flower” [VM2]

Song—“Dropt here and there upon the flower” [VM1]

Song—“Fill the foaming cups again” [VM2]

Song—“Mary, the day of love’s pleasures has been” [VM2]

Song—“Of all the days in memory’s list” [VM2]

Song—“One gloomy eve” [VM1]

Song—“Swamps of wild rush-beds” [VM1]

Song—“The sultry day” [VM1]

Song—“There was a time” [VM2]

Song—“There’s the daisy, the woodbine” [VM2]

Sonnet—To Napoleon (S) [RM]

Sorrows for a favourite tabby Cat [VM1]

Sorrows for a Friend (S) [VM2]

Sorrows of Love; or, The Broken Heart, The [SC]

Spring (S) [VM2]

Spring  (S) [RM]

Spring Morning, A (S) [RM]

Stepping Stones (S) [RM]

Sudden Shower (S) [RM]

Summer (S) [PD]

Summer (S) [VM2]

Summer Evening [PD]

Summer Evening (S) [VM2]

Summer Images [RM]

Summer Moods (S) [RM]

Summer Morning [PD]

Summer Morning (S) [VM2]

Summer Tints (S) [VM2]

Sunday [VM1]

Sunday Walks [VM2]

Sun-set (S) [RM]

Sycamore, The (S) {RM]


Tender Flower, A [RM]

Thoughts in a Church-yard [RM]

Thrush’s Nest, The (S) [RM]

To **** [SC]

To ******  (S) [VM2]

To a Bower [VM1]

To a city Girl [VM1]

To a cold Beauty, insensible of Love [PD]

To a dead Tree [VM1]

To a favourite Tree (S) [PD]

To a Poet [RM]

To a red Clover Blossom (S) [VM2]

To a Rose-bud in humble Life [PD]

To an angry Bee (S) [VM2]

To an April Daisy [PD]

To an early Butterfly (S) [VM2]

To an early Cowslip [VM1]

To an Early Friend [RM]

To an Hour-glass (S) [VM2]

To an infant Daughter [VM1]

To an insignificant Flower, obscurely blooming in a lonely Wild [PD]

To Autumn (S) [VM2]

To Charles Lamb (S) [RM]

To Dewint (S) [RM]

To Health [VM1]

To Hope [PD]

To Hope (S) [PD]

To my Cottage (S) [VM2]

To my Mother (S) [VM2]

To my Oaten Reed (S) [PD]

To P**** [RM]

To Poesy [VM1]

To Religion (S) [PD]

To the Butterfly [VM2]

To the Clouds [VM1]

To the Cowslip [SC]

To the Glow-worm (S) [PD]

To the Ivy (S) [VM2]

To the Memory of Bloomfield (S) [RM]

To the Memory of John Keats (S) [VM2]

To the Right Honorable Admiral Lord Radstock [VM2]

To the Rural Muse [VM2]

To the Rural Muse [RM]

To the Violet [VM2]

To the Winds (S) [PD]

To Time (S) [VM2]

To-day the Fox must Die.—A Hunting Song [PD]

Tomb, The  (S) [VM2]

True Love [PD]

Twilight (S) [VM2]


Universal Epitaph, The [PD]

Upon the Plain.—A Ballad [PD]


Vanities of Life, The [RM]

Vanity of Fame (S) [RM]

Village Boy, The (S) [RM]

Village Funeral, The [PD]

Village Minstrel, The [VM1]


Wanderings in June [SC]

Water Lilies (S) [RM]

What is Life? [PD]         

Widower’s Lament, The [VM1]

Wild Nosegay (S) [VM2]

Wild-flower Nosegay, The [VM2]

William and Robin [VM1]

Winter (S) [VM2]

Winter (S) [RM]

Winter Rainbow [VM1]

Winter Scene, A (S)  [PD]

Wish, A (S) [VM2]

Woman (S) [VM2]

Wood-cutter’s night Song, The [VM2]

Woodland Seat, A (S) [RM]

Observe the flowers around us, how they live, (S) [RM]

In every trifle something lives to please (S) [RM]

Woodman, The [VM2]

Woodman, The (S) [RM]

World for Love, A [RM]

Wren, The (S) [RM]

Written in Autumn (S) [VM2]

Written in November (S) [VM2]

Wryneck’s Nest, The (S) [RM]



Yellowhammer’s Nest, The [RM]